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Bay Area man accused of blaming car wreck on nonexistent black man in bid to avoid DUI

Moschref offered the resident money “to say to the police that he saw the accident and that a tall black male jumped out of the driver’s seat and ran away,” Wagstaffe said.

The resident refused.

Undaunted, Moschref returned to see the resident 13 times, trying to get him to sign a declaration saying Moschref wasn’t the driver, authorities said.

Fast-forward to court. At a hearing, Moschref’s attorney at the time submitted a declaration from the resident saying that a tall black male, and not Moschref, was seen getting out of the driver’s seat, Wagstaffe said.”


I can’t.stop.watching.this.

I can’t.stop.watching.this.



"I always get bored with my hair. That’s why I would always change it throughout my career." - Janet Jackson

Can she bring the red hair back? I loved Velvet Rope Janet.

Did janet get a nose job?

queen. lol @ did janet get a nose job tho.

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